Love online: 28 year old Pakistani man engaged to 68 year-old British woman

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


On the popular UK reality dating show, a 68 year old British woman Pat is engaged to Samson, a 28 year old man from Pakistan.

On the show, Pat revealed that she had met Sam online and had been talking to him for 20 months and was visiting his family in Pakistan for the first time.

In a video, Samson revealed he was a registered nurse working in a hospital. He revealed Pat was his first girlfriend.

“When I get my UK visa, I will move to the UK to live with Pat and work at a hospital,” Samson said.

Lagta hai Pakistan kay paani mein kuch khaas hai, because last year we got a lot of men finding love online. In September 2023, a man from Sindh married a Filipino woman whom he met on Facebook. Before that in July, a woman from Mexico flew down to KP to marry her young lover Izaz Ali, whom she had met on Facebook and fallen in love with.