‘Love is in the air’ with PDA on Airblue flight, causing legal complications

PDA on the flying aircraft led to some serious ‘air turbulence’ 📢🚀🚩




A couple was recently found to be engaging in some public display of affection  (PDA) on a local AirBlue flight, which has apparently led to some serious ‘air turbulence’ in the flying aircraft, causing an uproar amidst cabin crew and passengers.📢🚀🚩

The storm erupted on a PA-200 aircraft, travelling from a Karachi to Islamabad, on May 20. Eyewitnesses claim that as the aircraft was midair, the accused couple seated in the fourth row of the airline began kissing.🛫🚨🌡Leading from this passengers complained about the incident to cabin crew. However, soon things got out of hand, ending up with a passenger ending up lodging a complaint about the entire incident with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to reports, when cabin crew received complaints about the couple from passengers, an air hostess of the airline requested the couple to stop their public display of affection. However, because they did not listen to her request, the air hostess provided the couple with a blanket to keep their activities hidden underneath.🧕🖐

According to ‘The Tribune’, the complaint with the CAA was filed by advocate Bilal Farooq Alvi, who was also also flying on the airplane. He filed a complaint against the airline for not taking action to stop the couple.

Meanwhile, the matter also reached Twitterati who responded with hilarious memes and remarks on the issue.

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