Looking back at Miraal’s Fashion Looks in Sabaat



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With Sabaat having come to an end, while we will surely miss the show deeply, we will miss all the style inspiration given to us by Miraal AKA Sarah Khan just as much.

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While the audience essentially acknowledged the stellar performances by the cast and the solid storyline of the drama serial, we certainly do feel that Miraal’s wardrobe from the show deserves much more attention and appreciation.

In the drama serial, Miraal is shown as the daughter of an accomplished businessman. She’s snotty, spoilt, bratty but also very feminine. Considering her character’s persona, Miraal’s wardrobe and fashion looks in the serial were incredibly well thought out as they complimented the actress and her character perfectly.

Here are some of the finest looks nailed by the diva from drama serial Sabaat.

Miraal MiraalMiraal Miraal

Sarah Khan’s stylist only Sabaat certainly deserves credit for making her outfits look expensive, polished and well put together meeting the needs of the character. We personally love the overcoat and bootcut pants looks on Sarah Khan – the combination is not everyone’s cup of tea but Sarah does complete justice to it.

Lastly, massive appreciation for Sarah Khan for having executed her character with such finesse. Miraal indeed was a ‘everyone’s favourite’. Her amazing performance and fashion looks in Sabaat will certainly be missed!


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