‘Logon ko lagta hai agr ap ne hijab pehn liya toh ap automatically ache insan hogye’: Ushna Shah




Ushna Shah speaks about a controversial remark of hers regarding hijab that seems to have gotten a lot of attention. After pictures wearing an abaya and hijab while on Umrah made rounds on social media, people had all sorts of opinions and remarks to make about the actress and her clothes. In this interview with Maliha Rehman  the actress talks about the stereotypes people have regarding hijab and other types of clothes and the kind of people that wear them.

Ushna speaks about how our audiences define and judge people, especially actresses on the basis of their clothes and how covered they are. She said if actresses wear covered clothes people automatically assume things about their character and core personality. Logon ko lagta hai agr ap ne hijab pehn liya toh ap automatically ache insan hogye’, she said.


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She added that it is flawed to think that clothes can define a person. What somebody wears is a very personal decision and has nothing at all to do with the kind of person you are. She also talked about how it was a particularly enjoyable experience for her to wear the hijab during her recent Umrah pilgrimage, saying it takes alot of pressure off of the wearer not having to worry about many things such as their weight etc.