Lahore High court orders allowance of Aurat March 2023 on Wednesday

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

The Lahore High Court passed a directive for the allowance of Aurat March 2023 on Wednesday, 8th of March, following a court hearing. The organizers of Aurat March and Lahore Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider have been directed to finalize a venue by 2pm to hold the rally in Lahore.

 The new venue decided along with the district administration is NADRA Office, Shimla Pahari, near press club to outside Faletti’s, and the march is to be held at 2 PM on March 8.

The manifesto for Aurat March 2023 lists concerns such as climate change, economic well-being and safety and security in this year’s Charter of Demands.

While women all over Lahore are celebrating the decision of the High Court and are preparing to march in camaraderie on Wednesday, the amount of resistance women are posed with each year to organize and take out the annual women’s rally continues to remain a pity. However, we march in hopes of better days ahead.✨