Khaadi Narrates #HamarayRungonkeKahani

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

The two things Pakistanis miss the most once they step out of Pakistan are Mangoes and Khaadi. Such is the attachment the brand associates with the nation itself. It’s synonymous to the palette of Pakistan!

Khaadi has come up with a beautiful narration that highlights what unites us together and what makes up #HamarayRungonkikahani. Whenever children are asked to draw what Pakistan looks like they think of larger than life colors, the colors of dreams and hopes!

This independence day Khaadi makes us look back at what unites us as a nation, what makes us dream of a better tomorrow, what inspires our courage and what makes us stand tall as one nation.

It narrates the story of our color, the color that unites us, makes us stronger and tells our very own story. It sheds light to rhythm that makes us shine bright, the confidence that unmasks our fears.

It talks about the fervor that lies within a Pakistani soul that dreams to jump past all the obstacles aiming to reach the silver lining.

It talks about the important aspect of inclusivity which translates to the whole idea around#HumarayRangonkekahani.
We hope that this Independence Day we are able to embrace all the colors that make us a strong beautiful nation. Long live Pakistan!