Khaadi Is Reinventing Fashion With Pakistan’s First Virtual Show!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Post Covid Fashion? What is it all about and how do we define it? What happens to Fast Fashion from now onwards?
 Khaadi addresses all these questions with the United front Virtual Fashion Show managed by Catwalk Cares by Frieha Altaf. The virtual show is about about creating new traditions that will inspire you to feel the very moment and celebrate fashion. An amalgamation of color and prints, Khaadi soars through this collection to bring forth something that will captivate the audience. The collection urges you to mix and match the old and the new to ask it’s audience to look in their own closets to put new fashion together.

Why A Virtual Show?
Having a virtual show also answers all the questions regarding the future of fast fashion. An event like this is able to create the buzz and tell people that there’s still a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. The showcase is also innovative in the sense that it takes the self discovery part of the lock down to a wider scale! Finding whatever resources you have, rethinking, re-planning and making the most of it. A virtual show provides a moment of hope and inspiration while being a medium of creativity and engagement.

The Collection Itself: Bohemia
The idea of reinventing fashion becomes very much alive with the Bohemia Collection. It’s is all about living life out of the box, igniting creativity, taking the leap and drawing out of the lines. With the the lock down starting we saw everyone finding the cook in themselves, finding the nature lover within themselves- we all discovered ways of spending time which the rat race of a life didn’t let us spend. The same goes with this collection; bringing the best of the old and new to do something better and bigger. The collection is about experimenting instead of going by the book. Chief Design Officer Saira Shamoon expresses “We want to make sure everybody can have fun with fashion by creating their own statement.”

Looking Forward!
With the retail industry hitting an all time low, it’s vital for brands to  support each other-to innovate and to inspire. CEO Shamoon Sultan said “For Khaadi, I strongly believe innovation is key. We must use this time to reinvent what we do and how we do it- bring our audiences new alternatives, add new value and in the process reinvent our ways of working. As an industry, our support for one another has never been so crucial. Coming together to showcase Pakistan’s best in the world of fashion reflects the true power of creative inspiration and more importantly for Khaadi, one of resilience.”


Onwards And Upwards!
For the first time ever, the fashion industry has taken the leap to step out of their comfort zones to bring forth fashion that will revive the spirit of the medium and will also help lift the spirits of it’s audience. This ignites the fashion scene which had it’s rough run due to the pandemic but looks like Khaadi is determined and ready to face it with their masks on!