KFC introduces Messy Xtreme ‘Dono Taraf se same hai, yahi tou game hai’



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Sometimes you’re spoilt for choice and other times you are looking for options to choose from. But in this case, it is the former. KFC already has a smashing line of products that have easily been hot favorites of people for as long as we have known about KFC. With their Zinger being the most hot selling item, it has now introduced a new limited edition variant called “Messy Xtreme” on 1st September, 2021. The Messy Xtreme apart from being a new offering is also a double crown burger which has been launched in Pakistan for the very first time. The tagline lives up to the promise of “Dono taraf se same hai, yahi tou game hai” and is fun twist on words.

The DVC is a captivating mix of delectable food shots coming together to form a tale of this double crown burger – check it out here: https://fb.watch/7Unfj0KuTo/

From the looks of it, the treat seems like a massive one packed with flavor giving a memorable taste you want to keep revisiting and the fun bit is that you can have it any way you want. The city too is buzzing with visual treats of Messy Xtreme plastered across huge billboards. Now it is only left to the audience to decide the fate of the new Messy Xtreme – whether it’s here to stay, adding on to the range of different offerings by KFC or will it stick to being just a special edition burger to have created a storm of flavor only to die down after a limited duration.

How did you like our new KFC Messy Xtreme? Share your verdict and do order online through the website: https://www.kfcpakistan.com/product/messy-xtreme