‘Keep my name out of your mouth’: Ushna Shah condemns Maria B. for mis-using the P@1est!n!an cause




Actress Ushna Shah who has been very vocal in her support for the ongoing conflict in G*z@ condemns designer Maria B. for mis-using the P@1est!n*an cause. ‘Keep my name out of your mouth’, wrote the actress in a series of tweets addressed to the designer.

Shah also shared a detailed story about how she believed her name was being mis-used and dragged in to stir controversy about trending topics like Palestine.

The controversy ensued after Maria B, who is very vocal in her antagonism towards the LGBTQ community seemed to take offence over a picture of Ushna where she appeared to be standing next to a member of the queer community, speaking out against it.

“I am not aligned with her extreme right-wing or any extreme left-wing views. I have a diverse social circle, like most actresses working in showbiz, and I don’t subscribe to any political agenda. I value all life, from minorities to even animals”, wrote the actress.