Kate Moss – Legend of the Waif




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The discovery of Kate Moss in 1988, at the age of 14, marked the beginning of a career that would later define an entire generation. In 1990 Moss caught the attention of the fashion industry when a series of stark unstylized photographs of her—taken by the British photographer Corinne Day—were published in the youth style magazine The Face. Her waifish figure, which would later translate into the symbol for Heroin Chic, was a stark contrast against the statuesque and voluptuous supermodels of that time, such as, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford etc. With her more natural look, street style, and slight build—at five feet seven inches, she was short for a model—Moss became known as an “anti-supermodel,” and she launched a new era in modeling, though not without some controversy.

Love and other Drugs….

Kate embodied the rock n roll, party lifestyle; she was, in essence, the poster child for reckless rebellion. There have been multiple rumors and allegations of drug abuse and chronic alcoholism; reportedly in 2005 a tabloid published photographs of Moss using drugs with her then-boyfriend Pete Doherty, a British musician. The ensuing scandal resulted in a number of her contracts being terminated. By the following year, however, after a stint in rehab, Moss was again one of the industry’s top-earning models.

Moss’s personal life has always been well documented by the tabloids. Her various relationships—notably with American actor Johnny Depp; British publisher Jefferson Hack, with whom she had a daughter (Lila Grace) in 2002; and Jamie Hince, a British rocker whom she married in 2011 and divorced in 2016—were popular targets. Kate Moss was, or rather is, a supermodel by day and a romantic by night, but it is a pity that her romances aren’t long-lasting; however, her most recent romance with Count Nikolai Von Bismarck might change that. Here’s to being optimistic!

The Mad Hatter meets The Waif Queen

A 20-year-old Moss met 31-year-old Johnny Depp in 1994 at New York’s Café Tabac. Over the course of their four-year relationship, the very passionate pair were often seen engaging in some serious PDA. Their relationship was like a storm: Brutal, passionate and life altering, but like every storm that has ever graced nature, it eventually ended.

Beauty and the Publisher

Hack began dating Moss in 2001 after interviewing her for the magazine he cofounded, Dazed and Confused. Allegedly, his first words to the supermodel were, “You smell like pee.” I suppose that would be an attention grabbing statement, especially for Moss. And thus, a whirlwind romance was born! In 2002, Moss gave birth to their daughter, Lila Grace. While the details of the couples break-up are unclear, the two are still close today, and Hack even attended her wedding to Jamie Hince in 2011.

The Rockstar and Moss

The Kills guitarist and Moss were set up by mutual friends in 2007 and became engaged in 2011. The couple was married in a spectacular English countryside wedding, Moss in a custom Galliano dress with 15 bridesmaids in tow. Sadly, Moss’s longest relationship didn’t last—they split up after 4 years and went through an appalingly un-friendly divorce. However, Moss towards the end, quietly settled the matter and merrily moved on to Beau Nikolas von Bismarck. There are rumors’ flying about a secret engagement…..but as with all juicy gossips one must wait for the truth.

Career Highlights

During her career, she has appeared on the cover of more than 300 magazines. Moss also starred in advertising campaigns for many of the top fashion houses, including Chanel and Christian Dior. She received a Fashion Icon award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in June 2005. Also in 2006, Moss reached a deal with clothing retailer Topshop to design her own collection of clothing.
In addition to her clothing line, Moss began selling her own brand of perfume called Kate in 2007. She added a second scent, Velvet Hour, the following year, and other such as Love Blossoms followed.

Outside of the fashion world, she’s become an icon of pop culture, appearing in numerous rock videos by such artists such as The White Stripes, Elton John and Marianne Faithfull. She has also starred in various movies. Who would’ve thought that despite her tumultuous personal life she would still remain at the top of the modeling hierarchy?

To be Continued…

Kate moss is a veteran in many aspects but above all she is the brain child of the modeling world. Having 30 years of experience is no joke. And regardless of the field, 3 decades is enough to turn anyone from Supermodel to Legendary model status.
There aren’t many out there in the world who can easily reveal the imperfections of their life so easily; especially if hiding them begets you a better career and yet we can appreciate the raw truth that Kate Moss delivers every time she is infront of a camera.
And so, as Alexander McQueen so eloquently wrote across the shirts of his models on the runway; we too want say ‘We Love You Kate’