Kanwal Ahmed’s new web series “Ulta Nizam” is giving a positive portrayal of stay-at-home dads

Twitter users are praising the web series for taking on a taboo topic in a realistic manner

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


How many times have we come across a web series where the roles are reversed-the mother works at the office and the father is the one who stays at home and takes care of the children? Our drama series had for the longest time fed in to the misogynist mindset that outspoken women who want independent lives outside of work as “awaaragrad” or “manipulative” and men who are not the breadwinners and stay at home as “kamzoor“, “be sharam” etc.

“Ulta Nizam” is web series developed by Kanwal Ahmed which is playing an important role in shattering these stereotypes and proving that families can also involve two parents who reverse their roles.


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The web series opens up with a family living in lockdown and decide to reverse their roles, the mother works full time and the father decides to quit his job and stay at home to take care of the chores as well as their daughter. Even though the family is shown not to reveal their new arrangement to their neighbors and their family because the sexist mindset that women stay at home and men work still prevails, the series does an excellent job in smashing this tabboo. We watch the father Armaan becoming a devoted and loving partner to his wife as well as making sure he is there to make his daughter breakfast, take her to parks in the evening and helping her with online classes.

In a time when our drama’s try to create a scandal out of the idea that a woman who wants to become independent and work to earn a wage after her marriage, “Ulta Nizam” is a fresh breathe of air because women who wear jeans and are outspoken and independent are not villainized. It’s about time that our producers follow this example and give women the representation they deserve

Twitter users were also praising the series for challenging taboos by providing such a warm and wholesome story about a family with a stay at home father

You can watch the first episode here: