Junaid Khan pays tribute to victims of domestic abuse with his new song

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


With the launch of his latest single ‘Taqdeer,’ Junaid Khan has decided to return to music after a seven-year layoff. The song is a tribute to those who are victims of Pakistan’s widespread domestic abuse.

 Khan penned and composed ‘Taqdeer,’ his first song after commencing his solo career with ‘Koi Rokey Mujhe’ in 2013. He has positioned himself as a competent television actor, performing in a number of highly popular shows. Before turning to acting, the Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 actor was a participant of the rock band Call as a lyricist and lead vocalist.

With the trailer, Junaid wrote, “What I’m about to present to the world is not just a song but an ocean of immense emotions. A very grave issue that I lose sleep over. When I see and hear abuse, suffering and pain it takes me into a very dark space. The evil that is spreading so fast in our own society and all over the world is the suffering of humans in the hands of murderers, rapists, abusers and the list just goes on.”

“How someone has to suffer in the hands of an oppressor who only knows how to control and torture another human being and a soul.
So here I am pouring my heart out as I highlight all forms of violence and  especially domestic violence which is taking place in almost every household, every class in one way or another.
The oppressors are so strong and blinded by their own motives that are larger than other human lives. And there comes a point when the oppressed knows nothing better than accepting this painful life as fate. Taqdeer! And on this very notion my song, my voice and my emotions came to life in the form of this song.”

“Power, control, money and greed can destroy generations. But having said that the message I want to send across to the world through my song is that with bad comes good and with suffering comes ease and that karma will come around.”

“Cases of domestic violence take place everyday. Some get swept under the carpet while some like #justiceforainy#justiceforsaima come out in the open. So this song is dedicated to all the victims that have gone through and keep going through all forms of abuse.”


The song has been posted on Junaid’s official YouTube channel.


He further added, “’Taqdeer’ is dedicated to everyone who is or has been a victim, with my belief that with bad comes good and with suffering comes ease.”

‘Taqdeer’ is produced by Sarmad Ghafoor, and the video is directed by As-haar Azmat, who also features besides Shareen Iftikhar, Talat Butt, and Junaid Khan in the song.


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 In ‘Taqdeer,’ Junaid combines his acting skills with his tremendous voice. With a rock melody and powerful vocals, he achieves the sombre tone the theme requires.