Josephine Baker’s Famous Hairstyle Resurrected at the MET GALA –

Umair Sajid

Umair Sajid

Jazz Age chanteuse Josephine Baker revolutionized hairstyle in the 1920s with her slick  super-short cut hair. Mostly kept well in place with tremendous amounts of gel, the Eton Crop gathered as much fame as Josephine herself.

The Eton Crop however made it to some of the looks at this years MET Gala, paired with some of the most campiest looks of the night here’s how the famous cut was resurrected and celebrated again.

Cody fern made a statement in a Maison Margiela outfit with slick Josephine Baker – Eton crop hairstyle.

Marc Jacobs posted a photo and later a video killing the Eton cut in a white shirt paired with some really hot YSl Heels and fishnets.

Kendal Jenner adorned in marabou feathers knocked of a slight variation of the famous Eton Cut in Versace.