‘Jiye Bhutto choro, Jiye Aurat, Jiye Khawajasirah’: Zulfiqar Bhutto Jr. chants at Sindh Moorat March



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‘Jiye Bhutto choro, Jiye Aurat, Jiye Khawajasirah’ chanted Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr. in a revolutionary turn of events at the Sindh Moorat March, the first-ever trans rights March held in Pakistan, where scores of transgender community members gathered outside the Frere Hall from all across Sindh.

Bhutto Jr. won over the charged crowd, where participants carrying banners and placards gave speeches and performances on stage, chanting slogans in favor of their demands around equality, rights, protection and respect in society.

As part of the chanting, the crowd also chanted the famous ‘Jiye, jiye, jiye Bhutto’ slogan, when the young artist & activist interjected putting his own spin on the famous slogan saying ‘Jiye Bhutto choro, Jiye Aurat, sada jiye aurat, Jiye Khawajasirah. Haq apka hai, haq hamara nahin. Haq humare khaandaan ka nahin hai. Haq apka hai. Ap waris hain.’ (Leave long live Bhutto, Long live Woman, Long live Khawajasirah. The rights belong to you, they do not belong to us.)


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 The Moorat March was held in Karachi to demand fundamental rights for the trans & Khawaja Sira community of Pakistan. The march was organized in an effort to counter the vicious hate campaign being spawned against the marginalized community.