Jimmy Kimmel’s exchange with Malala on the Oscars is raising eyebrows, here’s why!




Award Shows are notorious for crossing the line of respect in the disguise of comedy and this years Oscars were no different. Technically, last year’s ceremony stood out for a major reason but this year’s ceremony had it’s shortcomings as well.

Twitter is furious over the way celebrated host Jimmy Kimmel asked an unnecessary question to Malala and then went ahead to make fun of her name. Jimmy Kimmel  started by mentioning all of her achievements and efforts as an activist and her accolade of being the youngest Noble Peace Prize winner and contrasted it with a question on her views regarding the controversy if Harry Styles spit on co-actor Chris Pine while promoting their film ‘ Don’t Worry Darling’.

Our boss lady gave a precise and witty response as she answered his question with a one liner  saying ‘I only talk about peace‘.
Jimmy went ahead and appreciated her answer but concluded the exchange by making fun of her name saying ‘the winner is ‘MaLALA Land everybody’.
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The global activist stepped out on the red carpet in a stunning sparkled floor length gown by Ralph Lauren that also had a head covering attached. She was joined by her husband Asser Malik. Malala is an executive producer on documentary short film ‘Stranger at the Gate‘.