Women cannot be compared to oranges: Jibran Nasir



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Remember the idiom which said one cannot ‘compare apples with oranges’?  Well, apparently some people have now gone as far as comparing ‘women’ to oranges…

In an exemplary stroke of senselessness, a user on Twitter recently compared women who do not cover their heads with a hijab to an orange which has been peeled…? Yes, you read that right!!!

Not only that, he took it to another level of symbolism with the peeled orange sinking to the bottom of the glass, while the one with peels stayed happily afloat, on top of the glass. Now can you guess what that was supposed to imply? Well it was supposed to mean that women who don’t cover their heads “will always sink” meaning they should prepare for impending doom and be ready for disaster!!!

Thankfully, activist Jibran Nasir came in as the voice of reason calling out the irrational and illogical comparison:

He further commented shedding light on what our religion expects of men, “Yeh deen kay saray ahkemaat pay amal ka thaika sirf aurton nay lia hai ya mardon ki bhi koi zimmedari hai (Is the burden of following religion placed on women alone, or do men also have any responsibilities)?” he asked.

After all the explanation, we’re now hopeful that the misunderstood Twitterati will be able to differentiate women from oranges in the coming future!