Jemima Khan In Fits After Mufti Kifayatullah Says Wiki From ‘WikiLeaks’ Is Her Cousin



Jemima Khan
Source: Twitter

Jemima Khan has always been dearly loved and even more so because of her fun nature. Mufti Kifayatullah of JUI F just made the weirdest claim ever and called her out on a talk show for being cousins with ‘Wiki’, the owner of WikiLeaks – a Zionist tool supporting Imran Khan’s agenda!

“Imran Khan, Jemima, the Goldsmith family, Henry Kissinger and WikiLeaks are all pieces of the same agenda,” stated Mufti Kifayatullah on the show!

Here’s what the British documentary producer and ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran had to say in response:

“For those who don’t speak Urdu – apparently I have a first cousin called “Wiki” – who set up Wikileaks- which is a Zionist tool, supporting Imran Khan’s Zionist agenda. This from a so called Islamic scholar/cleric…. “Wiki’ cousin hai Jemima ka”.

As if that wasn’t enough to make everyone laugh, the blonde haired diva further went on to joke about her other under cover cousins namely ‘Vicky Pedia’ and ‘Panama Leaks’.

Here’s how people responded to her hilarious tweets in response to Mufti Kifayatullah’s funny claim:

Oh well, we totally agree with Saffina on this!

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