JAF Perfumes: The Essence of a Modern Romance in a Bottle




We’re all craving for something cool and fresh when summer arrives. Not only do perfumes make us smell amazing, but they also create a lasting impression and arouse strong emotions. Hemani Fragrances’ JAF Perfumes are making a stir with their vivid, fashionable fragrances.

The Chic Couple Behind JAF Perfumes:
The power couple behind the latest fragrances from JAF Perfumes is Shahveer Jafry and Ayesha Shahveer. HemaniFragrances collaborated with Shahveer, a well-known social media personality for his charm and wit, and his chic partner Ayesha to produce opulent fragrances which are an aromatic celebration of modern love.

An Aromatic Oomph:
JAF Perfumes provides aromas that capture the essence of a sweet, modern romance.

Angelica For Her:

The aroma of Angelica for her is delicious, floral, and musky. The fragrance evolves while beginning with zesty notes of bergamot and red fruits followed by notes of orange blossom and jasmine at its core and warm notes of vanilla, musk, patchouli, and amber towards the end.

Shav Laceda Perfume:

Shav Laceda, on the other hand, offers a sense of confidence with its woodsy, spicy, and minty aroma. It opens with a revitalizing mix of minty notes, such as armoise, mint, and bergamot, paving the way for a powerful day. Lavandin, cypress, and black pepper form the fragrance’s core, combining to create a subtle yet masculine blend. With patchouli, vetiver, and amber in the base note, the fragrance leaves a powerful and charismatic feeling.