It’s April Fool’s Day and Twitter is having a meme-fest!



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Yes, its April 1, April Fool’s Day and Twitter is having a field-day with memes and pranks as people across the world crack jokes and play pranks on each other to enjoy this day.

Scores of jokes and memes have flooded Twitter where people are celebrating the day in the most hilarious manner. Here we compiled a list of some of the funniest memes and jokes currently making the rounds over social media.

Meanwhile, your beloved K-Pop band BTS’s members also pranked ARMY. BTS members prank fans every year and did it again this time round. Jimin took over the official BTS Twitter account, renaming it to his own name ‘Jimin Park’. He further changed the cover picture to one of his own images with blue hair, using his childhood picture on the display.

 Along with this Jimin tweeted “It seems as though Jimin tried to reset the account to original settings but was unable to as he soon sent out an adorable tweet saying, “Don’t know how to change to original. Don’t know anything. #JIMIN”. Jimin also changing the profile picture on his Instagram account, re-doing his bio as ‘Father of BTS’. And fans couldn’t stop laughing!

Band member Jungkook also pranked fans.

Other memes have also been making netizens laugh.


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And lastly, this very essential April Fool’s reminder.