‘It was my personal choice’: Veteran actress Hina Bayat opens up on why she choose not to observe iddat after her husband’s death

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Veteran actress Hina Bayat was a guest at Maliha Rehman’s Youtube channel where she addressed the reason behind why she refused to observe iddat after the death of her husband who passed away last year after battling cancer.

Addressing the reason, the actress explained that it was a personal choice and one she made after gaining a deep understanding of Islam. The ‘Humsafar’ thespian elaborated that at the time, she could not take off four months to mourn and sit at home because it would have greatly harmed the project she had been working on at the time. Hina also explained that she considered it an act of worship towards God when she travelled to Syria and Turkey to help those who had been affected by the earthquakes.

Addressing the backlash she received for her trip, Hina said the Arabs in those countries knew what was going on in her personal life, and were aware of the death of her husband but never taunted her the way Pakistani’s did.

“I received a lot of trolling and abuse. People even said women like me can never feel any grief over the loss of a husband.”

Watch the entire clip below.