‘It is not a woman’s responsibility to fix a man’: Ainy Jaffri

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Ainy Jaffri was a guest on FHM Pakistan’s podcast where she opened up about the essential red flags women must look out for when they get into a new relationship with a man. Some that the actor listed as essential to look out for, included being subtle and non-obvious, like when a man consistently puts down a woman for no reason.

“If he makes you feel bad about yourself, or over-criticizes you, which is a subtle form of control and coercion, this is really dangerous, because women are often made to feel like, ‘Oh, he is taking care of me and wants me to do better,’ which is not true, and this is a sign to watch out for,” explained Ainy.

Furthermore, Ainy said it was a red flag if the man you’re in a relationship with didn’t like it when you spent time with friends or loved ones, calling it “control and coercion”.

But most importantly, Ainy advised young women to never feel bad about not being able to fix a man, because they are not responsible for a man’s well being.

“He is not your child that you need to fix. It’s your right to marry a guy, who is already a good man. You don’t need to be his mother, it was his mother’s job to fix him and not yours.”