Is it really such a bad thing to be a ‘burger’?: Twitter debates




Recently, with #justiceForBurgers trending on Twitter, netizens asked why Pakistanis use terms like ‘burger’ and ‘burger bachay‘ in a negative way, to look down on others.

YouTuber & host of the podcast ‘Thoughts Behind Things’, Syed Muzamil Hasan recently did a podcast where he talked about why ‘burger’ is used as a negative term.

He claimed “the unfortunate paradox is that we look at burgers and laugh. Burger is someone who has had a secure environment, an education where they can think of philosophical questions, and has had clean food to eat. Is that really a bad thing? Don’t we all want that for our children? Then why do we frown upon them? Look down upon them?”

Twitter was divided in it’s opinion but it seems the question is very relevant- are we just angry and envious that ‘burgers’ get to have what we always wanted?