Interesting takeaways from the Minar-e-Pakistan protest held in Greater Iqbal Park



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Earlier today, a protest was held at Minar-e-Pakistan in response to the mob assault that took place on Independence Day, at Greater Iqbal Park where Ayesha Akram was assaulted. Talking to different women present at the protest, we compiled a list of important takeaways from the protest.

Victim-blaming needs to end. Period. 🚫

NO matter what the girl is wearing. NO matter what she is doing. NO matter what the time. It can simply NEVER be a justification for sexually assaulting her. There is simply NO justification for her to be assaulted. Simply NO basis to take blame away from the aggressor.

Until we allow our minds to accept this simple logic, there can be no change, no progress and no justice.

The news cases we hear about assault against women in our society are not isolated from our lives: they reflect our everyday values and behaviors as individuals.

What happened to Ayesha Akram at Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day was not an isolated incident. The news we hear everyday about horrendous attacks on women and digressions on behalf of men, is not divorced from the lives we lead. They represent the society we live in, and the values we are raised with as both men and women. Whether we chose to accept it or not. Therefore, the responsibility to check our selves and our actions also lies with us, because we are the ones who make our society.

The conversation needs to change: From digging up irrational excuses to shift blame onto the victim we need to hold assailants accountable for their criminal acts.

Only once after we stop searching for forever irrational and senseless excuses to go to the extent of blaming the victim for all the violence committed against them can we actually start working towards the implementation of laws and measures that can help ensure the safety of our women.

Our women are tired and exhausted with forever warring for basic rights. They need a break. You owe it to them!

Please think of women as HUMAN BEINGS. Just like your own self.