Indoor Activities That Will Help You Reduce Screen Time

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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It’s been a crazy month! kuch samajh hi nai araha haina?
We’ve finished Netflix and apparently Instagram as well, ab kya karein?
According to many experts, if we wan’t to sail through the quarantine in a sane manner, we NEED to reduce our screen time. Hence, we compiled some fun activities to help you cope up with the absence of the device that’s more sacred to us than our sanity.

Start with doing your bed, please?
We won’t be lying when we say we look for our phone when we get up in the morning. An alternative to that would be to start your day with doing your bed. A cleaner room, a cleaner mind!

Rearrange the interior of your space
Please stop working from your bed, make an allocated desk. Rearrange your space to kill the monotony. It helps!

screen time

Do your Nails!
Yes pleaseeeeee…pamper yourself! Take out that time for yourself. Experiment maybe, it’s the best time to do that!

Bring the outside, inside!
Fill you space with some plants and flowers to add colour and some dimesnion to your space. Nurture them!
screen time

Master makeup
Still can’t contour and wing that winged liner. You’re not alone! Use this time to master it. Practice makes perfect!

Soak Some Sun
Try ittttt! It’s okay to do stuff you never thought you’d do! Maybe embracing nature helps you deal with this.
screen time
Help your siblings with their homework!
It dosen’t hurt if you help…at all! Try fellas!

Help your Mama in the Kitchen!
She needs your help even if she isn’t asking. Every little thing matters.

Stay indoors, stay safe, stay kind (and reduce your screen time)!
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