In Conversation with the PR Maestro: Hassan Rizvi

A mega movie star, member of the hip-hop Masala Boys & our local Mc Dreamy/Steamy all in one! Bilal Ashraf is more than a charming, dimple-faced hunk; he’s talented and down to earth. He started his career as a visual effects director and entered into films as an actor in 2014 and since than have been the star of super movie projects like 
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Watch: I don’t wear a regular watch but I like sports watches of Kenneth Cole & Guess
Laptop:  MacBook air
Cell phone: Galaxy S9
Wheels: Blue Civic
Wallet: Giorgio Armani


Favourite brand for business suits: Armani
Shoes: Armani. I like Zara’s as well
Cuffs: I like customized but I like Mont Blanc
Ties: Ermenegildo Zegna


Your favourite casual wear look will include: White V-neck T-shirt with ripped jeans
Your favourite sport gear: Adidas & Nike all the way.
Manly scent: Clinique Happy or Versace Blue
Workout routine: HFT
Fitness food: Granola, Greek yogurt & high protein.


Favourite travel destination: Barcelona
Favourite restaurant and cuisine: Flo. I love continental, I love Pakistani.
Favourite magazine/newspaper: GQ
Favourite fashion photographer: Tapu. Jaffar Hasan, Shahbaz Shazi


Cannot do without: My Family
Three fall essentials in your wardrobe right now: Pull overs, sweaters & mufflers
What is one fashion trend you would not be caught dead in: Short Kurtas
The most stylish woman in Pakistan: Meesha Shafi & Ayesha Omar
Sports channel you like: ABC Sports
Favorite sport other than cricket: Dancing, if you count that as sport…

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