In Conversation With One Of A kind Illustrator & Storyteller: Abdal Mufti

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
story with illustration

I just think that Art is meant to help us find peace and have this

feeling that we belong. I hope my work helps people find that~Abdal Mufti

Stumbled across his very fascinating page while scrolling through Instagram and we were hooked! There’s a certain calmness and relatability to his posts. Furthermore, how his captions make you teary eyed and motivated at the same time is astounding. We got lucky to have a one on one conversation with him, scroll down to see why we’re still in awe!

Your Instagram bio says “self taught artist” What inspired you to do so?
I would say that I ‘found’ art during one of the most troubling phases of my life. I
was 20 at that time, and going through some tough times, and one day I found a
tube of Red oil paint in our storeroom on the roof along with my aunt’s old
paintbrush. I picked those and found a picture in an old newspaper lying around
and started painting, it was one of the best feelings in the world. From there on,
art became an escape, a friend, source of hope and at times a reason for keeping moving forward. Unfortunately, I could never go to an art school but I always knew that I want to keep painting. I guess I’m just blessed now that people find meaning in what I create.
Do you like the illustration more than the storytelling? Or the other way
Actually I don’t even consider my self to be an illustrator, I would much rather
identify myself as a story-teller. Technically, my illustrations are not really very
good either. It’s the storytelling bit that inspires me and that I enjoy the most.
Illustration then becomes a medium to tell these stories.
Do you have a favorite?
Ah, I always dread this question. I would say none and at the same time all of
them. The reason for saying that is not that I’m trying to be political, it’s actually
that these pieces all come from a very personal place for me. They remind me of
how I felt in a particular moment in time, makes me think of someone that I met,or a book that I read, or a song that made me feel something. Because of that, choosing one particular would actually be unfair.
Do songs inspire you while illustrating?
Yes, but they are not the only inspiration. My process is that I sit down with an
emotion and deep dive until a certain visual becomes apparent, then I illustrate
those visuals. Songs at times are a part of the process and therefore are very
closely connected with art pieces. Having said that, I do listen to music a lot.
Your videos represent night time more, is that a pattern you prefer or
is it something random?
I wouldn’t say it’s random, I think it’s more to do with the calmness that night
brings to the environment. In my opinion night was made for contemplation, it
has that effect on humans. The way the society is now structured, we find very
little time in the day to actually stop to listen, or to remember, or to feel
something. It’s only during the night that humans lower their guard. That is why
I prefer to paint at night and also to depict my stories in night-time. People at
times think that it depicts my inner darkness, which of course is not true.
This is my personal perception, open to criticism and ridicule as much anyone

Mesmerizing and enchanting at the same time, we hope you give his page a look and share his creations with your friends as well. Click here to see more of his work!