Imran Khan: “The idea that women must not be educated is just not Islamic”

In an interview with BBC News the PM expressed his support for the education & empowerment of women



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Prime Minister Imran Khan recently appeared in an interview with BBC News, where he expressed his support for education and empowerment of women saying, “Our religion (Islam) was for liberation of women, and so the idea that women must not be educated is just not Islamic”.

Talking to foreign correspondent John Simpson regarding the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and discussing whether the new regime would allow women to go to schools, Imran said “I think they will allow women to go to schools”. He also added that the Taliban claim they are going to do it in steps. Moreover, speaking about the role and status of women in Islam, Imran said “If anyone has any idea of what our religion was, it was a liberation of women.”

Discussing the impacts of the Taliban regime and the implications it will have for the Afghan people and women in particular, Imran Khan said it is too early to say what exactly the situation is going to be like in Afghanistan perhaps a year or two from now. He also added that for now the most that can be done is to ‘persuade’ the new regime, and to “incentivise them in the right direction”.

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