Imran Abbas calls out toxic & ‘demeaning’ talk show culture




Leading industry actor Imran Abbas calls out the toxic and ‘demeaning’ talk show culture where hosts have become all about asking problematic questions and creating controversy through invited guest, all for the sake of views and becoming viral.

The actor pointed out the way many hosts ‘corner’ guests’ to make ‘controversial’, ‘derogatory’ or ‘negative’ remarks, gossiping, ‘insulting’, ‘humiliating’ or comparing celebrities to one another just for the sake of getting views, instead of talking about anything meaningful and useful.

Posting an Instagram Story, the actor listed some very common remarks and questions, which are routinely being made on shows nowadays : ‘He/she doesn’t know how to act, he/she is overrated or worse than this actor or actress, she looks old now and shouldn’t play this character, she looks plastic and horrible after surgery, he/she is pathetic at box office and fails to deliver, may God give this person strength to convert to Islam, He/she has the worst dress sense and wears tacky clothes,’ what the hell, man?”.

The actor pressed the need to stray away from this toxic and negative culture of only pulling down one another, saying its one of the reasons why he doesn’t go to any of these shows. He rightly urged show hosts, celebs, and channels to focus on creating meaningful and substantial content instead of this mindless drama.