Iffat Umer on politics, haters and her reasons for quitting the showbiz industry



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Actress and TV host Iffat Umer who recently quit showbiz, appeared in an interview where she shared her take on the current political scenario, social media haters and her reasons for leaving the entertainment industry.

When asked about Maryam Nawaz’s recent invite to Iffat to accompany her to PML-N’s Okara jalsa, Iffat said she would definitely have gone. Not as a supporter of PML-N party, but because she really admires Maryam as a woman, for the way she has singlehandedly stood up to selectors and selected , and her strength as a woman in this country.

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Talking about having once been a die-hard Imran Khan fan, having avidly attended PTI jalsas and now having turned away from Imran Khan completely, Iffat said earlier Imran never used to talk much. However since the time he started being vocal about his opinions, publicly expressing his views, ‘he exposed himself’ with phrases such as ‘shalwarein geeli karna’, wearing a sherwani right after the Army Public School massacre, and his many marriages.


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Iffat also shared that currently she supports Bilawal Bhutto and Maryam Nawaz, saying ‘inko kaam karney do, yeh asal syaasatdaan hain’.

About quitting showbiz Iffat regretfully stated that since she has repeatedly stated that quality work is not being done anymore, it wouldn’t make sense if she keeps saying it while continuing to be a part of it. Hence why, she has quit showbiz for good.

Sharing her views on social media hate, Iffat Umer joked that she has 169K followers and they are mostly just giving out ‘gaaliyaan’, which she mostly has to bear on Instagram. Towards the end, she also sent out a very wise message to all the haters saying, we all want the better for this country. We may have thoughts about who would be a better caretaker for the country, but that can always be discussed in a civil manner and should be absolutely never be a reason for abusive behavior of any sort!