If my father never spoke to me loudly, then no one else can: Zara Sheikh




Supermodel-turned-film star Zara Sheikh makes a media appearance after a long gap, where the Salakhain star gets candid about her career choices, personal life and preferences when it comes to a life partner. “If my father never spoke to me loudly, then no one else can” saids the actor.

Talking to host Nida Yasir, Sheikh recalled fond memories of her father, and the environment of her home. “My father was a very decent man, he used to talk to us like we were princesses. That’s why I’m a bit spoiled. I never like it when anyone speaks to be in a loud tone. If my father never spoke to me loudly, then no one else can,” she asserted.

Zara also shared details intimate details about her love for acting and professional life. The actor said that Zara is not her real name, and rather a ‘brand name’. She was born Sadia Sheikh. She also revealed that she decided on changing her name while working on her debut film. “It was an incidental decision, and I had to accept it, I had no other choice,” she added. When asked about the support from the family, and whether it was difficult to get, Sheikh replied, “Yes there were problems, but later on, my family made peace with it.”

Speaking about her journey as an actor which according to her started back when she was still in school. “My first-ever ad campaign was in association with my school and even at that time, I was the lead model among those 11-12 students. But thank god, it’s been a wonderful journey.”

We hope to see more of the actress in upcoming projects.🎬