Ice Cream company criticized for spoiling scenic beauty of Hunza with signboards




Ice Cream company comes under fire for spoiling scenic beauty of Passu, Gojal Hunza by installing signboards at tourist destinations.

The Passu cones, are an iconic Pakistani landmark and have long been a tourist site with their gorgeous view. This view will be obstructed as the icecream brand is preparing to erect signboards which will ruin the view of the Passu cones in Hunza by an unsightly advertisement!


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The company apparently took permission from the local administration for installing the signboards. Netizens have been highly disappointed by this decision. One user wrote “Such a decision makes a mockery of the natural beauty this country is blessed with for short-term financial profit! Hope better sense prevails and this eyesore is removed immediately.”

Another user shared on Instagram: “Walls Ice Cream is spoiling the scenic view of Passu, Gojal Hunza by installing signboards on tourist destinations. This time, they are doing it with the consent of CBOs. I was arrested under FIR last month for resisting FWO. Let’s see what the administration’s take is on it.”