‘I would advise men to maintain equality in their relationships’: Shoaib Malik




Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik appears in a podcast with #ShaistaLodhi, with some advice for married men, telling them to treat their wives as equal partners.

Sharing some relationship advice for men, Malik said that there should not always be a ‘Yes’ to everything in any sort of relationship. Instead, he said communication is key and should be made a top priority. He guided men toalso give the same advice to their sisters saying respecting in-laws is wonderful, but women shouldn’t be told that their life’s purpose is to birth children and blindly follow whatever their in-laws tell them.

Addressing women he said that they should not just limit themselves to caring for households and children but should prioritize themselves and also maintain their own individuality.

The cricketer also shared how he deals with heartbreak. He said that he has now trained his heart not to expect a lot from people. This lowering of expectations in what helps you in the long run. He is a sensitive person though and gets hurt a lot but his training has helped him in life.

Shoaib is married to Indian tennis player Sania Mirza and is a father to a son. He also shared that he has a very close relationship with his mother and sister.