I think audience standards have fallen over the past few years: Shaista Lodhi




Multitalented personality Shaista Lodhi recently talks about changing trends in the entertainment industry, juggling careers as an actor and a doctor, and in an interview on The Talk Talk Show. “I think audience standards have fallen over the past few years”, reflected the senior actor on the evolving dynamics of media and audience interaction.

She talked about image-making for different personalities and how it has a huge impact on the way audiences perceive you. Talking about current affairs hosts she said it was important for them to stay hosts and not become executioners.

In her role as an Aesthetic Medicine Specialist and Cosmetologist, Lodhi talked about the increasing trend of cosmetic surgeries in the entertainment industry with more and more actors, sportspersons and public figures getting facial procedures done.

The conversation commenced with a discourse on the challenges inherent in juggling multiple roles. Shaista referred to herself as a doctor and a television personality but identified more with the role of a doctor. “There is yet a lot more to do,” said Shaista. “You never know, I might be more successful than I am today. But basically, Shaista is a doctor. She’s also a television personality, but I relate more to being a doctor.” The diverse personality modestly conveyed that she harbours aspirations for further achievements.