“I Regret being harsh on girls” – Rishta aunty, Mrs. Khan

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Famous rishta aunty Mrs. Khan came into spotlight after her interview on 92 news for her controversial remarks regarding married girls and not making hot gol rotis nor taking good care of their husbands which is resulting in a failed marriage. She even added that girls should control their tongues and should remain silent most of the times in front of their husbands and even if they are a working women they should pay full attention to their home, husband and kids (super women to be in short).


Due to her harsh and outrageous remarks she is currently under fire and is facing a lot of back lash on the internet. Recently she was invited on the Geo New’s morning show ‘Geo Pakistan’ where she came to defend and clear her stance. Responding to the staunch criticism she has been facing, Mrs. Khan said that she has been receiving hateful comments and abusive phone calls which are upsetting her day and night. She admitted that her tone should have been a bit softer and she regrets making such comments but if girls would have taken it as a scolding or an advice from their mother there wouldn’t have been such a reaction.”


Mrs. Khan said,

“Our elders used to say a lot of things to us and we used to listen quietly too, despite not liking them.” (Source: Geo News)

She further added, “My blood pressure was high and maybe I had other things on my mind due to which I made such harsh comments.”

When she was asked about being a modern women and serving ‘garam roti’ on time she said that she herself  and her daughter both are a working women and still do all the household chores and serve food to their husbands on time. She thinks that everything is possible if you want to and women can balance both their work and home if they really want to as they have the ability to do so.

Mrs. Khan said she agrees that men should also take care of their wives and should give them enough liberty to live their life the way they want to and she does not condone violence at all. She thinks that it is usually 60% a woman’s mistake and 40% men are on mistake when a marriage ends in divorce.

“Our aim was that you girls stay more involved with your husbands instead of on your phones in long conversations with friends” she added.

It is good that Mrs. Khan has finally realized her mistake and admits that she should have explained her point of view in a better way but we still think that her thoughts maybe justified as a women from the older generation but as the society is evolving day by day she being a professional match-maker can bring some change and rather educate people who still have such a misogynistic attitude and approach.