‘I have learnt to think before speaking’: Hira Mani speaks trolling, feminism




Actress Hira Mani, known for her controversial statements, gets candid in an interview speaking about online trolling, feminism and speaking one’s mind. She shared that she has learnt to “think before speaking” after social media trolls taunted her for her opinions on various topics.

Previously, the actress frequently had made the rounds on social media for all the wrong reasons. Her statements on women’s issues landed her in hot waters several times, one of the incidents being her take on the Dua Zehra case, involving the issue of child marriage and possible abduction. Hira had later apologized for her views sharing that she was not fully aware of the details around the situation, after the social media backlash.

Evolving with the changing trend of social media and positively growing as an individual, Hira gracefully stated “There is a lot of disturbance [due to controversies]. One should think before speaking [and] there is no harm in it,” speaking in an exclusive interview with Arab News.

Speaking about feminism, the ‘Do Bol’ actress said, “For me, feminism is, if there is a woman with you on the set who is new and doesn’t know the industry, you should guide her,” she said. “We do say we are feminists but somewhere the actor or actress inside us comes out and the feminist is left behind. It’s not enough to say that you are a feminist, one’s character and behaviour should also show that.”