‘I have become more empathetic towards others’: Zara Noor Abbas opens up about how motherhood has changed her

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Zara Noor Abbas gave an interview to the YouTube channel Political Insight where she opened up about how becoming a new mother has changed her life.

The actress revealed she had become more empathetic and loving towards others after having a child.

“I don’t get angry at all,” revealed the Jhoom actress. “I have learned the value of time because I tend to prepare for things on hand.”

“I think I have started becoming more kind towards other people, especially mothers,” Zara continued. “I have become more empathetic. I have started caring more for my own mother.”

Reflecting on her own childhood and how she would choose to raise her daughter, Zara Noor Abbas said parenting evolves as your children grows up. She further said she hoped her daughter grows up to become a healthy and kind person, who is good at school and is generous to others.

On 27 March, Zara and her husband Asad Siddiqui took to their Instagram account to announce the birth of their daughter, Noor-e-Jahan Siddiqui.