‘I became confident enough to speak about my divorce because of society’s changing attitudes towards it’: Nadia Khan

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Host and actress Nadia Khan was a guest at a Youtube channel with the veteran actor Sajid Hassan where she opened up about her first marriage. The actress revealed that originally she and her former husband had a love marriage, but she realised within 10 minutes of the wedding ceremony that the match wasn’t right.

“People would question why I didn’t leave so soon, but I tried for ten years to make my marriage work. Our tempers never matched. We were both very different people”

The Pehchaan actress said it was because of society’s traditional customs, as well as her own upbringing in a conservative family that prevented her from choosing to leave the marriage.

Nadia also reflected how despite watching her failing marriage, she refused to reveal it to her parents because she the marriage was her own choice. But after ten years when she revealed the truth to her father for the first time that she was unhappy, he encouraged her to leave and come back home.

Nadia credited her bravery to the shift in conversations surrounding divorce, and how more people were openly encouraging women to leave unhappy marriages rather than suffer in silence.

“I was very quiet at first but I have started speaking out more. Because it is acceptable to speak about this topic in the media and people have also become understanding. My fellow colleagues like Nadia Jamil were incredibly supportive, and they spoke about this matter publicly.”