Hussain Rehar addresses design theft allegations for his new collection ‘Jugnu’



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Award-winning designer Hussain Rehar recently responded to accusations of design theft by a local design house Kook Studios for lifting their designs for his new collection ‘Jugnu’. The designer was accused by Kook Studios for using their designs without attributing any credit or financial dues.

The Miniature & doodle artist posted a detailed post on Instagram about her interaction with Hussain Rehar, and how they had planned to collaborate until she saw her designs being used as part of ‘Jugnu’.  “A designer contacted me and wanted to collaborate with me. We met, discussed a black coat with my illustrations on it. He referenced these artworks from my page @KOOKSTUDIOS. Never got back to me because my design fee seemed too much. I even discussed a collaboration possibility. Three months later my friend shows me this new Pret line by the designer”, she wrote.


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Rehar also took to his Instagram handle to issue a clarification about the discussion around his collection ‘Jugnu’ and its sources of inspiration. The designer stated That Jugnu had been in the making for over a year and derives its inspiration from traditional African embroidery designs. “While there may be similarities in using the same monochromatic palette, these elements are commonly found in various art forms across cultures”, he wrote.

He also referenced a collection of images which he claimed were the actual inspiration behind Jugnu.

Posting images of his own collection alongside artworks from Kook Studios, the designer questioned where the similarities were.

Rehar was awarded ‘Designer of the Year’ at the recent Lux Style Award, and his latest collection Jugnu is currently being sported by many in the entertainment industry!