Humayun Saeed opens up on how family conditions pushed him to work harder

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed was a guest at Nida Yasir’s show ‘Shan-e-Suhoor’ where he opened up about his career beginnings and what motivated him to work so hard. He revealed his younger brother Babar had an accident when he was young which left him paralysed and confined to a wheelchair, which is why Humayun began working incredibly hard from a young age to ensure he provided for his family.

Humayun opened up about how he did jobs, and also taught tuition’s on the side in order to provide for the family, “I was really good in my studies, I had never gotten a position below 3rd before Matric.”

“When I began working, I never came home from the factory, because I was working all night on my shipments and that’s how I became successful in this. I had an impressive salary even I was young,” recalled ‘The Crown’ star.

“I’m fond of working, because I’ve had to work so hard from the start,” revealed the actor. “People often ask me how I never have a problem with working and I don’t give off any attitude because I’m a star.”