Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay’s latest episode gave a chilling portrayal of how childhood trauma affects adults later in their lives

“Never compare your child to others. Never make them feel inferior to others” one user commented

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Does the trauma we face in our childhood play an important role in the way we build up relations in our future? The critically acclaimed drama series “Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay” has been praised for tackling this issue in an emotional way by presenting two characters who became rivals because of how much they were pitted against each other by the adults in their livesduring their childhood. Mehreen (played by Mahira Khan) and Mashal (played by Kubra Khan) were revealed to be childhood friends but as they grow up, they soon become each others worst enemies and after Aswad’s entrance back into their lives, both resort to find ways to demean and humiliate one another. We had already seen in the previous episode how Mehreen suffers humiliation after Mashal sends anonymous messages to Saffan where she tells him about her alcoholic father

But however in this latest episode, the show gives us insight into Mashal’s mindset and why she acts in such a cruel manner towards Mehreen. We are shown that when she was a child Mashal’s parents consistently humiliated her for her poor grades, and told her that she needed to be better than her. And then we get to witness a flashback where after Mehreen wins an award and the classmates praise her for her intelligence, Mashal begins spreading rumor’s about her dead father which isolates her from her batchmates. Twitter users praised the show for giving a compelling insight into how adults can breed insecurities into children by comparing them to others and which can manifest itself in cruel ways later when they are adults.

Viewers also had to praise Kubra Khan for making her character Mashal a different kind of villain than we have seen on television screens before. We are all used to the good girl versus evil woman trope, where the villain girl hasn’t got a purpose or a backstory that gives a justification as to why she is so obsessed with getting the main man. But however Kubra’s depiction of Mashal has given us a villain that we hate but also at the same time we sympathize with them. Mashal was reminded since she was a child that she wasn’t worthy of love or respect unless she wasn’t the top student in her classroom, and this insecurity had fed her hatred towards Mehreen and pushed her towards become the bitter person who strived to take away everything that made her cousin happy.

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