How To Style Your Hair This Festive Season!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Hair us out! The festive season is peaking and with a new wedding to attend every weekend we all know how hard it can get. While your outfit could be the main highlight, the right hairstyle could get you some extra brownie points. We compiled for you hairstyles that will help you swift through the season.

A Full Volume Blow Dry
A classic blowdry will always remain a very functional yet easy to go for option for the festive season! With all the buzz that surrounds us when getting ready for a wedding, just getting a basic blow dry can you give all the extra oomph you need. To give your look some more refinement, get a fresh haircut around the same time-it makes all the difference.

Old World Charm!
Sajal’s look from Aangan is the perfect one for those who love a little old world charm. Using your baby hair to create twirls on the forehead give you the look without trying too hard. Iqra’s look for her wedding gives us another take on the traditonal look with sleek hair pushed back paired with a jhoomar on the side.

The Gajra Bun
Skip the jasmine gajra and go for something else. Maya Ali opted for a Daisy gajra in her super hit movie Parey Hut love and looked breathtakingly gorgeous. Zainab Abbas was also seen skiping the white and going for a Marigold gajra at a recent wedding.

Short Hair, Dont Care!
For all of you with short hair- fret not! We have some super easy hairstyles for you as well. If you want to go sleek, Mehek Saeed’s look with straight hair styled in a way that drapes the hair is a super chic option. Zara Peerzada’s beach waves in this shoot also happen to be a very easy and functional option.

Flower Power
Flower details to give your hairdo subtle enhancement. Instead of going all out, just a strand of baby breath or tids and bits of chrysanthemums can give you a very refreshing look.

Like it, love it? Try them out and let us know.