How To Rock A Saree In 5 Different Ways Courtesy Sonya Hussyn!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

The Pakistani entertainment industry is filled with actors and actresses who know how to handle their style game but some really leave us spellbound- Sonya Hussyn being one of them really knows how to handle the fashion pulse. She doesn’t shy away from experimenting and that’s what proves her mettle in the fashion department. Today we learn how to style a saree in 5 different ways courtesy Sonya.

Denim Darling
Sonya is seen here wearing her rather furry saree with a cropped denim jacket and sunnies.

Standing out
Here Sonya is seen styling her saree with a twist, a different drape and collared shirt to go as a blouse. She further braids her hair to add that desi factor!

Ruffle Queen
Shining like a true star in this ruffled saree with a bedazzled bustier and minimal accessories.

Belt it up
Love how she belts her white saree with a brown belt which matches with her blouse. Brownie points for the sunnies.

Love it? Layer it!
Sonya is seen pairing her magenta saree with a royal velvet shawl to go along. This ties in the whole mood oh so breathtakingly.

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