Host Rabia Anum calls out fans for recording videos of Bilal Abbas while performing Tawaaf at Kabaah

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Maybe it’s time fans learned to respect the privacy of celebrities and leave them alone?

A video has been circulating the internet where the Pakistani actor Bilal Abbas was seen performing Tawaaf at the Holy Kaabah, and it resulted in a mixed reaction from social media. While some users were in praises over the actor’s focus in worship, others were rightfully outraged that celebrities cannot even perform religious acts inside holy places without being recorded without their consent.

Television host Rabia Anum Obaid was one of the people who expressed her criticism over this by writing underneath the page that published Bilal’s video that such actions were wrong, and shouldn’t be publicised in this manner.

“When celebs post their pictures from the kabaah, they say it’s show off, when celebs want to keep it private, they make videos without their permission,” she commented.



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This is not the first time celebrities have expressed their dismay at being approached for videos and selfies while trying to perform Hajj at the Holy Kabah. Former sports star Shahid Afridi expressed his anger towards this issue during an interview at Gup Shab on Samaa where he revealed he had requested fans several times to stop making videos of his family while they were performing Tawaaf at the Holy Kabaah, saying it breaches the privacy of his family.

“My wife does pardah. During Tawaaf, I have snatched phones from several people who were making videos. Even though I apologised to them afterwards, I have asked several times to stop making videos during that moment.”