Hoodies and a Heist: Nimra Jacob’s Striking Edginess In Spartan’s Latest Rogue 2.0 Video!




We all love a well thought out concept. Especially the ones that seamlessly fit all the elements into one package. On January 4th, Spartan Athletics came out with a brief teaser of a car being fixed and a shot of boots. Yesterday, their latest collection, Live Unbroken was introduced with a dimly lit video titled Rogue 2.0 (shot by Shayan Shaikh) featuring the beautiful Nimra Jacob as the mystery girl whose presence keeps us at the edge of our seat throughout.

Alongside Hussain Rajput who plays a buffed up car mechanic in Spartan’s athleisure, the video starts off with a shot of him underneath a car. A close up of the wrench solidifies its status as a motif. There’s headlights of a car that slowly enter his garage which can only mean one thing. Nimra Jacob makes her appearance in a slicked black look. A clear indication to the viewer that things are about to get both heated and interesting to say the least!

An exit out of the car and a walk towards the mechanic. A few close ups of Spartan’s new line. All throughout the viewer is still trying to decode it all while simultaneously waiting for that promised surprise element to come in. And there you have it.

Once the keys are handed over her glances begin to indicate she’s up to something. And then in true Nimra Jacob fashion, she surprises us all as she uses the fated wrench to strike Hussain. But why one might think? Hang on tight.

The final shots surround Jacob as she wheels out a Spartan suitcase while making her way to her car. Just then as she opens it do we see more options from Spartan’s Live Unbroken collection as the video ends. Now isn’t that something?

Known for taking on work that is interactive, Nimra Jacob’s capabilities of carrying the audience through this riveting heist for hoodies is an exemplification of how multitalented she truly is. From selling cultural to bridal. From creating a mood with her Western shoots to now captivating audiences with her gazes and charms. There’s something to be said about how Nimra Jacob continues to shatter ceilings each time and her first ever heist in Rogue 2.0 is just the injection of suspense we needed from our favorite curly haired beauty.