Hira Mani: men who taunt their wives to lose weight are very effective

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Hira Mani and her husband gave an interview with the Geo show “Aik din Geo kay saath” where she opened up about how her husband Mani taunted her to lose weight, and said he was more effective than any other gym trainer. She revealed that she was shocked after seeing herself on a television show, after which Mani made her lose weight:

“I was shocked after seeing myself on tv because I had thought ‘who is this aunty’ since I had gained so much weight. But then Mani decided he would help me and he made me run around a lot. He use to taunt me all the time that I had gotten so fat. My weight previously was 64 kg, and Mani helped me bring down 10 kg. No other weight trainer has helped me lose this much weight before. But Mani was really effective in doing that.”

Hira also opened up about the methods her husband used in order to convince her to lose weight. She said her husband use to taunt her all the time that she was loosing her beauty by gaining weight, and he use to constantly compare her to other actresses like Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor:

“Mani use to give me taunts all the time that I wasn’t working hard to lose weight. He use to compare me to Bollywood actresses like say ‘look at Katrina Kaif or look how beautiful Kareena Kapoor is’ but before she had gained all that weight. But I use to point out that I am not like Kareena because I have two children to look after. I think that men who taunt their wives all the time to lose weight are really effective since it works really well.”

You can watch the video clip for the rest of the interview. All we are going to say here is that we’re super disappointed in our Pakistani celebrities for their casual misogyny and complete disregard of the body positivity movement.