Hey men, a woman’s sole purpose in life was never to cater to your needs

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Mediocre men around Pakistan: we have something to tell you that will destabilize your entire existence: women are not obliged to cater to your needs. It’s shocking that even today in 2022, women are forced to work harder than men in school to get the chance for better education, and then do more work in workplaces to be taken seriously, and yet our existence is completely judged by whether we can cook or clean.

Today on Twitter, a troll decided that any woman who works hard on her education and has multiple degrees is not worthwhile to pay attention to because she cannot cook biryani for him. And yes, we’re also shaking our head at the audacity of men to assume that such a highly qualified woman would even look at them

But women on Twitter came forward to respond and their humor is “chef’s kiss*. We can always count on Pakistani women to take a stand for themselves, but it’s about time men understood that no woman is required to build their lives and abandon herself.



To any Pakistani woman reading this, the next time boring Bashir with a 2.3 GPA from college tries telling you that you don’t make good biryani so you won’t get married, tell him he’s broke and you’re not because your hard earned degrees got you to a better place than him.