Here are some hilarious memes on PTI’s jalsa held in Karachi on Saturday

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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On Saturday, former Prime Minister Imran Khan held a political rally at Bagh-e-Jinnnah in Karachi where he spoke to masses about his unjust removal because of the vote of no-confidence, which he said was because of an “international conspiracy” by the US to remove him and put opposing parties in power.

Twitter knows how any turbulent event in history can be dealt with humor and so brought their A game with some of the most hilarious reactions and memes we have ever seen. Scroll below to have a chuckle along with the rest of us!

These also included some hilarious moments that took place at the rally like Imran Khan having to pause between his speech to ask some of his fans to prevent doing dangerous things