“Help me Diana”: Twitter erupts in memes as actor Humayun Saeed bags role as Dr Hasnat Khan in The Crown

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Twitter was set ablaze yesterday by the announcement that Humayun Saeed would be performing the role of Dr. Hasnat Khan in the popular series “The Crown”. His character based on the real life heart and lung surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan had a romantic relationship with Lady Diana for two years until she died from a car incident, and he was reportedly referred as the great love of her life.

Twitter was divided when this news broke out, with some celebrating the fact that for the first time a Pakistani actor would be cast for a Netflix series. Celebrities like Ayesha Omar and Mahira Khan were among those who congratulated the actor and producer for bagging such an important role in “The Crown”

While other people had the opinion that Humayun was not the best choice to play Dr Hasnat, as in a now deleted tweet actor Sakina Samo questioned whether the actor was a good choice and why not Fawad Khan


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Other users on the internet responded to this news with some of the most hilarious memes we’ve ever seen.

Some people tried to make teasers about how they felt Humayun Saeed will appear in the series

But regardless of the opinions, we are glad that Pakistani actors are finally getting the opportunity to go to Hollywood and make some interesting stories. Whether Humayun Saeed is a good or bad choice all depends on how he performs when the series is released. And we will be marking down the days until that moment arrives!