‘Having a million followers doesn’t matter’: director Syed Noor discusses why Jannat Mirza failed as a film actress

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Film director Syed Noor gave an interview at a YouTube platform where he addressed the reason why his recent film ‘Tere Baajray Di Rakhi’ flopped, which had starred the TikTok influencer Jannat Mirza. Speaking on the YouTube channel, Syed Noor said he had chosen to work with Jannat because she came from a well off family whom he was on good terms with.

“She didn’t have any passion to become an actress,” revealed the director. “All she said was that she had a million followers on her accounts. Jannat wasn’t impacted at all when the film flopped.”

Syed Noor said he had ensured her family members that he would treat Jannat like his own daughter, and wouldn’t include any controversial scenes in the film that would humiliate them. The director referred to Humayun Saeed, who had said in a recent show that the number of followers one had on their social media accounts didn’t matter.

“Humayun Saeed was right that despite the number of followers she had, no one came to watch her in the film. If you can watch a 40 second TikTok reel can be watched for free on your phone for free, why pay money to go and watch an hour long film?”