Have the women in Pakistani dramas made progress anyhow?





The drama “Mere Humsafar” is receiving loads of praises from all over the country and many abroad. Some are also criticizing its mere resemblance with the famous Pakistani drama “Humsafar” presented by HUM TV.

The lead roles in the drama Mere Humsafar are featuring the starlet Hania Amir who’s playing the role of Hala; a sweet and caring girl who’s mentally and sometimes physically abused by her aunt ‘Shahjahan’ (played by Saba Hameed).

Farhan Saeed as Humza (the son of Shahjahan) plays the male lead in the drama.

Where the drama was discussed to be similar to the famous serial Humsafar (Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan playing the leads) by HUM TV, it also had some differences. The major similar point  that needs to be highlighted from the two dramas was the stereotypical female lead characters and their weeping ability that gets them to cry since the first episode to the last.

The latest episode 28 shows how Hala’s aunt conducts to get her to meet Khurram secretly to make him leave Sameen. Despite the previous attacks of her aunt on her vulnerability, she still decides to trust her and does as she’s told.

Her aunt calls Hamza over to the same spot where Hala and Khurram are confronting each other. She has made up the following plan to somehow uncurtain Hala’s never existing truth. Hala and Khurram are caught off guard and Taayi jaan manages to get Humza out of the situation which eventually leaves Hala giving Humza her character clarifications once again. The rest of the ep shows Hala crying and crying on every point.

This scene is ironically identical to the scene from the drama Humsafar where Fareeda (Atiqa Odho) brings Ashar to Khizar’s place so he can see Khirad-Khizer together.

In both the dramas, the female leads are seen crying and weeping in order to prove their point to the rest.



The point here to be highlighted and talked about is that Humsafar was released in 2011 which makes it way back 12 years but we can see that Khirad (Mahira Khan in Humsafar) and Hala (Hania Amir in Mere Humsafar) seem to relate in the way that they continue to cry and weep despite every wrongdoing and cruel act.

The question arises; has the Pakistani industry still not grown any better to present any more appalling roles for women in dramas?

The following situation is almost prevalent in all Pakistani dramas whatever the era may be.

The latest episode shows Hala’s continuous tiring attempts to be a little more strong and yet deceived again by her Taayi jaan ( character portrayed by Saba Hameed). Hala’s character fails to grow any futher from weeping and holding onto the past.

This makes one feel like if women are subjected to act in a particular manner despite situational differences. No improvement in the mentalities and abilities of women generally, are pointed out or even shown in the dramas which makes them hard to watch after a certain extent. This constant repetition of a certain typo has made most of the drama stories more predictable now. The scriptwriters and the story originators aren’t much emphasizing on empowering female lead roles or any female roles. Instead, they are still struck onto the distinguishing saas bahu plots and pre marital affairs. Which too are basically  portrayed in a manner that is considered common enough for any person to commit.

This shows the emblematic approach of writers to portray the female leads in dramas. And their potential to write the typical saas bahu play. As a female, do you feel okay with this representation?

The drama airs every Thursday on ARY Digital

Romaisa Qureshi.